Festival Flair

Festival Flair

J TOMSON bustier top
£7.45 – amazon.com

Topshop rayon shorts
£38 – nordstrom.com

Night Sky Black Decorative Long Bindis
£3.56 – dollsofindia.com

Sapphire diamond ring

Vintage round glasses
£5.10 – amazon.com


90’s Killa

90's Killa

Black top
£6.70 – yoins.com

Straight leg jeans
£23 – lucluc.com

Dr. Martens platform shoes
£69 – zappos.com

Charlotte Russe black choker necklace
£3.93 – charlotterusse.com

Heart shaped glasses
£6.55 – shopzerouv.com

Lips makeup
£18 – luckyshops.com


Christmas & Boxing Day Mini Haul

Hello my darlings!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and had a blast during the Boxing Day sales. I figured I’d share with you the best things I got and bought – so grab the bargains whilst you can!


Acrylic makeup organisers. Oh how bloody useful are they! I normally store my makeup in a drawer in my chest, separating makeup pieces using trays. However in the mornings, when I’m in a rush, it can get a tad exhausting trying to find what I’m looking for, so this lil thang has been a huge help. I put my most used bits in there next to my mirror on my desk. They’re from Tiger and are roughly £3 which is a bloody bargain!


If you know me, I LOVE writing. Drawing, writing, everything, the whole lot. So these notebooks I got were an absolute dream. Just look how cute the covers are. The oriental sewn one is amazing as I looooooove oriental things and culture and the Paris inspired notebook on the left with gold rimmed pages is a beaut because I love France so much. I love French too and can speak it a bit (yes, I will learn more).




Now this is just too good of a bargain to miss. You, yes you. HEAD TO BOOTS RIGHT NOW! £19.99 for this Lancôme bundle. Yep. That’s right. £19.99. Worth about £67.

In it you get 5 mini but plentiful items: the Hypnôse eyeshadow palette with a good set of neutrals to wear during the day or night, a 30ml bottle of the Bi-Facil cleanser, the Lip Lover lip gloss,  Le Crayon Khôl black pencil eyeliner and the notorious Hypnôse mascara.

It’s a good way to try a few Lancôme bits out and I can’t wait to use them.


Next up, atlas! My first pair of Nike sneaks: the bog standard Air Max’s. Here’s the start to a fine collection. 😆


Here’s also a cute American Apparel purchase to go with my navy velvet American Apparel bodycon mini dress with a low scoop back. It just reminds me of the 90’s and who doesn’t love the 90’s?! #HashtagProud90sBaby


Excuse the no makeup face but by far one of my fave purchases, ZARA’S CAMEL COAT. I’ve been looking for a lovely well-structured camel coat for ages and I believe I have found the one. In my opinion, I think that Zara does the best camel coats and this was practically the last one in store. Super happy with this number and it makes SUCH a good transitioning piece, especially when it gets a bit nippy in the British spring season.

That’s about it folks. I didn’t include everything I got/ bought and I in no way mean to brag in this post. The next post you’ll be getting from me is in the new year and let’s just say, I got a super exciting announcement to make so stay tuned! I hope you all have a fabulous new year.

Stay safe and take care,
Imogen xxx


Winter Outfit: Cold Camel

Cold Camel

Dorothy Perkins camel coat
$77 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Lee long skinny jeans
$125 – johnlewis.com

Casio logo watch
$83 – asos.com

Isaac Mizrahi print scarve

Hello my darlings!
Yes I am here with another outfit. I’ve noticed that Britain is getting colder – and so am I. So I’ve been trying to find new ways of keeping warm this winter and this outfit I pulled together is the outcome. Camel coloured coats are not only super trendy but super versatile too. As pictured above, you can tell that I am totes’ diggin’ camel paired with a camel-toned plaid print: it’s such a good combo! The rest of the items are simply essentials. Nothing like a good ol’ gold toned casio watch, well-structured leather bag and casual old skool vans to go with yer outfit, eh? Anyway, I hope you like this one. Feel free to subscribe for more or leave a comment!
Imogen x

Just Wang It: How to Style the Alexander Wang x H&M Collection

Just Wang It

H&M black pants
$32 – hm.com

Black skirt
$21 – newlook.com

Hello darlings!
Above is my Polvore post (check out more outfits I’ve compiled on my Polyvore account here) on how I’d style my two favourite pieces from the entire Alexander Wang x H&M collection. On Thursday, I didn’t manage to snag these pieces as the website had crashed for three hours before everything got sold out which was rather unfair considering I had completely no access to the site. I had a look on eBay to ludicrously find that the pieces I wanted were being sold for FOUR TIMES the price! My instant reaction was, “No thanks, I’m going to get da real Wang instead”, so in a few months do expect a post on my real Wang bits. Possibly Acne Studios too. Nonetheless, for those of you hot, lucky chickas who managed to get your hands on a few pieces, I’ve compiled a lil style inspiration for you guys. The bustier (top left) can indeed be worn under a mesh tee, but why not try some jet black high-waisted skinnes and some metallic pointed boots? If you need more covered up, opt for a black chunky knit cardigan, or a black fur jacket. The women’s Wang sweatshirt (pictured on the right) screams sports luxe to me. So what better way than to pair it with some black Nike’s and feminise it a little with a black skort? This is exactly how I’d style the pieces if I had them. How would you style them? Let me know!
Much love,
Imogen xx

You Can’t Twerk Wid Us! | Summer Edition

You Can't Twerk Wid Us! | Summer Edition

Black shirt

Black shoes
$59 – lamodauk.com

Motel star backpack
$76 – motelrocks.com

Rimmel lips makeup
$10 – thehut.com