MAJOR UPDATE: Moving Blogs!

Hey y’all,

Okay so I know I said in my last post that I launched a new blog but I would also be continuing to write on this one too. However with much thought, I have decided that it’s best to just stop writing on this blog altogether and pursue writing on my new one for quite a few reasons.

1) It’d be difficult for me to write the best I can regularly on two blogs with the little time that I have

2) I have a few projects in mind that can only be done with Wild Muse in full swing

3) I feel as if this blog doesn’t encapsulate what I want it to. I’ve grown and matured since I first began writing this blog and so I want to take that with me. Call it a fresh start if you like. I quite like my new pseudonym as it pretty much sums me up. Wild Muse. A young, wild and free spirit gaining muse from this world that we live in and the world that’s constantly in my head.

I won’t delete this blog. I want to be able to look back on what I wrote and reminisce. On Wild Muse, it’ll most certainly still have fashion and beauty related posts but will contain more than that. It’ll explore all realms concerning music, art, spiritualism, travelling and important matters that I feel should reach the mind. Check out my new blog at wildmuseofficial.wordpress.com and check out the About page. See if you like it. Give me feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

I hope you give it a follow if you enjoy my first post on there. Thank you for supporting this blog. I have heard a lot of good feedback whilst writing on here. Much won’t be missed as my new blog is simply a more refined and constructed version of what I’ve written on here.

Thank you for your utmost support.

Love always,
Imogen x


Wild Muse

Hey guys,

I’m currently on vacation right now but I have exciting news – I’ve launched a new blog and the first blog post is up! I will continue writing on here but my new blog has more of a creative, fashion and beauty focus. So do support me and feel free to check it out at wildmuseofficial.wordpress.com

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. The layout and design of this blog hasn’t been completed yet but soon shall. Please do follow, share, like, comment and all that jazz. I look forward to hearing from y’all soon!

Imogen x


Just Wang It: How to Style the Alexander Wang x H&M Collection

Just Wang It

H&M black pants
$32 – hm.com

Black skirt
$21 – newlook.com

Hello darlings!
Above is my Polvore post (check out more outfits I’ve compiled on my Polyvore account here) on how I’d style my two favourite pieces from the entire Alexander Wang x H&M collection. On Thursday, I didn’t manage to snag these pieces as the website had crashed for three hours before everything got sold out which was rather unfair considering I had completely no access to the site. I had a look on eBay to ludicrously find that the pieces I wanted were being sold for FOUR TIMES the price! My instant reaction was, “No thanks, I’m going to get da real Wang instead”, so in a few months do expect a post on my real Wang bits. Possibly Acne Studios too. Nonetheless, for those of you hot, lucky chickas who managed to get your hands on a few pieces, I’ve compiled a lil style inspiration for you guys. The bustier (top left) can indeed be worn under a mesh tee, but why not try some jet black high-waisted skinnes and some metallic pointed boots? If you need more covered up, opt for a black chunky knit cardigan, or a black fur jacket. The women’s Wang sweatshirt (pictured on the right) screams sports luxe to me. So what better way than to pair it with some black Nike’s and feminise it a little with a black skort? This is exactly how I’d style the pieces if I had them. How would you style them? Let me know!
Much love,
Imogen xx

Alexander Wang x H&M

Hey y’all,

Long time no write. I know. I apologise. My life has been a lil hectic to say the least. To sum it up, a few drastic changes have taken place and I do not regret a thing – absolutely livin la vida loca I am! Anyway, I’m back and ready to bring top quality posts as of today. So do stay tuned as I have a few ideas up my sleeve *cough* Youtube *cough*. Anywho, without further ado, let’s get on with today’s post shall we?

Thursday 6th November 2014. Alexander Wang x H&M.

Best believe I almost peed myself when I received an email from H&M, inviting me to take a sneak peek at the new collection. Ever since the announcement of this new and exciting collection, I’ve been completely and utterly ecstatic. And now it’s finally here, I am literally over the moon. Alexander Wang is hands down one of my favourite fashion designers to date. It is undeniable that he has the skill to create pieces that enable simplistic and clean cut to meet urban and edgy. By collaborating with H&M, he has given worldwide accessibility to fashion through his eyes.

His range retails from £7.99 – £199.99 including an objects collection, womenswear and menswear. I’d say there are pieces that everyone can afford and I myself, have eyed up two pieces to get. The main material used in the collection is polyester, to give off the real scuba feel that has been trending this season. There’s also Wang’s notorious athletic vibe to this collection as some pieces are tailored towards sportswear (but to be honest, it can also be rocked as casual wear).

Overall, I am positive that this will be a successful collection. I sure will be one of many getting a few pieces so do look out for a future lookbook! Below are my faves from the women’s collection.


Until next time,

Imogen xx


Amla Gold Indian Hair Oil

Chemical hair dye’s, stiffening hairsprays, these things have now officially put me off them itself.

My hair isn’t the average kind of hair which can just work with any old drug store product. It needs to be specific for my hair. For my dry, frizzy and incredibly curly hair, natural things work best.

It is universally known that there are many Chinese and Indian herbal remedies that can cater for many needs as well as having many health benefits. When travelling to India, I have always discovered herbal hair oil which essentially is said to be good for the hair and scalp. Now these hair oils can be found in any Asian store in the UK. So today I thought I’d have a little test of this hair oil.

I ended up picking up Amla Gold Hair Oil.


It states that in the oil, amla is present to help strengthen the hair from root to tip, almonds are used to help moisturise and soften the hair and henna is added to help condition the hair.

So far the packaging and smell is absolutely phenomenal.  Let’s just hope the product benefits my hurrr! I’ll soon update this post with my thoughts. I’ll also make future posts on Indian herbal remedies and recipes that have worked for me.


Until then, take care,
Imogen xxx


First Post!

Hello all,

I must admit I am a little excited to be starting a fresh new blog. I haven’t been consistent with blogging in the past. I’d make a blog, post for a few months and then abandon it. However I am determined to stick to this one. Be expected to find posts on fashion, photography, music, life and more. 🙂