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Current March Favourites!

Bonjour mes amis!

I thought I would share with y’all what I’ve been loving this month,


Yankee candles. I decided to see what all this Yankee hype is about and got myself two votive candles. The other one was in “Turquoise Sky” . Out of the two, I most definitely preferred “Midnight Jasmine”. Now I have a thing for scent; you will ALWAYS find me purchasing candles or incense sticks. It’s definitely something I grew up around and used to relax and unwind in the evenings. Also, I have a personal love for jasmine flowers. This is probably due to the fact that growing up as a child, I would linger around the wall of jasmine flowers that I used to have in my garden. Not only do the flowers itself look so fresh and pretty, but the scent is so distinct and pleasant that I always tend to always choose “jasmine” when it comes to anything fragrant. The candle itself did resemble the flowers’ scent, however whilst burning, the smell was not as strong and as pungent as I hoped it would be. In my opinion, Muji’s candles burned more strongly when it came to scent! Nonetheless, I still love burning this little one, and would not hesitate to purchase more.


Yep, and these are the famous Muji candles. I bought them in “Jasmine & Black Olive” and “Elderflower”. Pretty aren’t they? At £3.50 each, I just could not resist. They smell absolutely D I V I N E and once they finish, I am most certainly going to remove the labels and use the tins for something! I’m on Day 2 of burning and it hasn’t even passed a quarter of the way. I will be repurchasing these for sure!


To finish on the candle segment, my last two faves go to this gorgeous Indian traditional and ethnic print candle holder from Cancer Research UK and porcelain candle holder/tray from Tiger. The red candle holder costed me 50p in my local charity shop (bloody bargain or what?!) and has been serving me well when it comes to burning my candles. The candle holder from Tiger has been providing extra protection for when the candle holder gets a tad warm.


And of course I would add my first tea set to the faves list! As I was heading to Bubbleology in Soho which has become a habit every time I am near there, I stumbled across a Chinese Spa/ Meditation Herbal place a few doors to the right of Bubbleology. It caught my eye, so I decided to go in. I saw varieties of herbal teas, but then became excited as I suddenly realised that I was surrounded by tea sets. Not any old tea sets – Chinese oriental tea setsNot many people know this about me, but I love vintage and old-fashioned things as well as anything oriental. That includes tea sets and tea parties and all that good stuff. I’ve been looking for a floral tea set for years but this set really screamed “GET ME” when it was reduced from £60 to £25. The print is so pretty and dainty I just had to do it. The helpful lady in store told me that traditional Chinese people would make their tea in the tea pot, pour some in the little cup, and then pour the rest in this other jar (bottom left) to prevent the tea from going cold. They would sip their tea as they painted which is something I would end up doing as I love to paint using either acrylics or oil paints.


Now this really is a bloody brilliant fave. During London Fashion Week I passed by Topshop on Oxford Street. After trying on a few bits, I came out to see a screen with the Topshop Unique catwalk being played and a vending machine next to it. This vending machine had many packages as seen as above with different coloured circular Topshop labels on them. Turns out if you tweeted and hashtagged Topshop on Twitter, you were entitled to a package from the vending machine. I thought, well why not? So I tweeted and hashtagged Topshop, showed a member of staff next to the vending machine and took my package. In all honesty, I thought it would be sweets inside or something. I walked away but then stopped. I was just so damn curious so I opened it, and best believe my jaw dropped and my eyeballs popped out. Did I just get Topshop makeup? FOR FREE?! I had been eyeing Topshop’s lipstick in Rio Rio for AGES and to find it in the package was unbelievable. Not only that, but I’ve been itching to try a pastel coloured nail colour for spring as I have always stuck to dark colours or nude browns and pinks. Turns out that dream had been achieved considering I got this gorgeous lilac pastel polish in “Forsaken” (Look at my first picture in this post to see what it looks like on).

Overall, this month’s faves are looking awesome so far. I can’t wait to show you what else I’ll be loving in the months to come.

Much love,

Imogen x


Christmas & Boxing Day Mini Haul

Hello my darlings!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and had a blast during the Boxing Day sales. I figured I’d share with you the best things I got and bought – so grab the bargains whilst you can!


Acrylic makeup organisers. Oh how bloody useful are they! I normally store my makeup in a drawer in my chest, separating makeup pieces using trays. However in the mornings, when I’m in a rush, it can get a tad exhausting trying to find what I’m looking for, so this lil thang has been a huge help. I put my most used bits in there next to my mirror on my desk. They’re from Tiger and are roughly £3 which is a bloody bargain!


If you know me, I LOVE writing. Drawing, writing, everything, the whole lot. So these notebooks I got were an absolute dream. Just look how cute the covers are. The oriental sewn one is amazing as I looooooove oriental things and culture and the Paris inspired notebook on the left with gold rimmed pages is a beaut because I love France so much. I love French too and can speak it a bit (yes, I will learn more).




Now this is just too good of a bargain to miss. You, yes you. HEAD TO BOOTS RIGHT NOW! £19.99 for this Lancôme bundle. Yep. That’s right. £19.99. Worth about £67.

In it you get 5 mini but plentiful items: the Hypnôse eyeshadow palette with a good set of neutrals to wear during the day or night, a 30ml bottle of the Bi-Facil cleanser, the Lip Lover lip gloss,  Le Crayon Khôl black pencil eyeliner and the notorious Hypnôse mascara.

It’s a good way to try a few Lancôme bits out and I can’t wait to use them.


Next up, atlas! My first pair of Nike sneaks: the bog standard Air Max’s. Here’s the start to a fine collection. 😆


Here’s also a cute American Apparel purchase to go with my navy velvet American Apparel bodycon mini dress with a low scoop back. It just reminds me of the 90’s and who doesn’t love the 90’s?! #HashtagProud90sBaby


Excuse the no makeup face but by far one of my fave purchases, ZARA’S CAMEL COAT. I’ve been looking for a lovely well-structured camel coat for ages and I believe I have found the one. In my opinion, I think that Zara does the best camel coats and this was practically the last one in store. Super happy with this number and it makes SUCH a good transitioning piece, especially when it gets a bit nippy in the British spring season.

That’s about it folks. I didn’t include everything I got/ bought and I in no way mean to brag in this post. The next post you’ll be getting from me is in the new year and let’s just say, I got a super exciting announcement to make so stay tuned! I hope you all have a fabulous new year.

Stay safe and take care,
Imogen xxx


Beauty Haul

Hey m’loves!

Today’s post is a lil’ cheeky beauty haul. I haven’t bought makeup in a long time so I took the opportunity to do so this month.


I know I’m late to jump on the bandwagon but at least I finally have! The Real Techniques Core Collection brushes. Now I’ve been surviving off make up brushes from Claire’s and believe me they’re decent. But these brushes are something else. They are amazing quality and the bristles are super soft! The protective dual purpose case and stand come in handy too for when I travel. I managed to get them six pounds cheaper on Amazon so they were definitely worth it! All brand new of course.



The next item is this 10 Colour Palette from BHCosmetics. I’ve been wanting a concealer palette as it would not only be handy to do other people’s makeup but to also mix up the perfect concealer and contour shade! The orange toned concealer is definitely handy to conceal dark circles so I cannot wait to try it out.


The last thing is Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Bad Girl Bronze – a must have for them Cara Delevigne peepers! The pigmentation is fabulous and it glides on the skin like a dream. I’d highly recommend this to all!

That’s all folks. But before I leave, I am going to leave you to a video I uploaded today. It’s an announcement that lasts around 30 seconds long. Enjoy 🙂

Until next time,
Imogen xx