MAJOR UPDATE: Moving Blogs!

Hey y’all,

Okay so I know I said in my last post that I launched a new blog but I would also be continuing to write on this one too. However with much thought, I have decided that it’s best to just stop writing on this blog altogether and pursue writing on my new one for quite a few reasons.

1) It’d be difficult for me to write the best I can regularly on two blogs with the little time that I have

2) I have a few projects in mind that can only be done with Wild Muse in full swing

3) I feel as if this blog doesn’t encapsulate what I want it to. I’ve grown and matured since I first began writing this blog and so I want to take that with me. Call it a fresh start if you like. I quite like my new pseudonym as it pretty much sums me up. Wild Muse. A young, wild and free spirit gaining muse from this world that we live in and the world that’s constantly in my head.

I won’t delete this blog. I want to be able to look back on what I wrote and reminisce. On Wild Muse, it’ll most certainly still have fashion and beauty related posts but will contain more than that. It’ll explore all realms concerning music, art, spiritualism, travelling and important matters that I feel should reach the mind. Check out my new blog at wildmuseofficial.wordpress.com and check out the About page. See if you like it. Give me feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

I hope you give it a follow if you enjoy my first post on there. Thank you for supporting this blog. I have heard a lot of good feedback whilst writing on here. Much won’t be missed as my new blog is simply a more refined and constructed version of what I’ve written on here.

Thank you for your utmost support.

Love always,
Imogen x


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