Fitness Fo Realz

Hello darlings,

I’m back 👀 So weight has always been such an issue for me. Best believe that according to the BMI system, I am not overweight. But with my body being the top heavy type, it doesn’t seem that way. Due to personal events recently I felt like I had just the right motivation to finally kick off my weight loss routine.
I took myself down to Holland & Barrett and decided to really change the way I eat. I bought the Maxitone Sports Nutrition Starter Kit and Maxitone Sculptress Weight Loss Protein Shake/Meal Replacement


From now on my diet consists of meat, eggs, fish and veggies and I avoid carbs as much as possible. I have also started to work out an hour a day. I make sure I do my fair share of cardiovascular exercise and weights training. Post workout, I down a protein shake or my weight loss meal replacement which I find easier because I normally struggle to make a healthy dinner due to my hectic daily schedule. I will post again about my fitness once I begin to reach my goals or if anything in my routine has changed. Until then, take care.

Imogen x


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