Christmas & Boxing Day Mini Haul

Hello my darlings!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and had a blast during the Boxing Day sales. I figured I’d share with you the best things I got and bought – so grab the bargains whilst you can!


Acrylic makeup organisers. Oh how bloody useful are they! I normally store my makeup in a drawer in my chest, separating makeup pieces using trays. However in the mornings, when I’m in a rush, it can get a tad exhausting trying to find what I’m looking for, so this lil thang has been a huge help. I put my most used bits in there next to my mirror on my desk. They’re from Tiger and are roughly £3 which is a bloody bargain!


If you know me, I LOVE writing. Drawing, writing, everything, the whole lot. So these notebooks I got were an absolute dream. Just look how cute the covers are. The oriental sewn one is amazing as I looooooove oriental things and culture and the Paris inspired notebook on the left with gold rimmed pages is a beaut because I love France so much. I love French too and can speak it a bit (yes, I will learn more).




Now this is just too good of a bargain to miss. You, yes you. HEAD TO BOOTS RIGHT NOW! £19.99 for this Lancôme bundle. Yep. That’s right. £19.99. Worth about £67.

In it you get 5 mini but plentiful items: the Hypnôse eyeshadow palette with a good set of neutrals to wear during the day or night, a 30ml bottle of the Bi-Facil cleanser, the Lip Lover lip gloss,  Le Crayon Khôl black pencil eyeliner and the notorious Hypnôse mascara.

It’s a good way to try a few Lancôme bits out and I can’t wait to use them.


Next up, atlas! My first pair of Nike sneaks: the bog standard Air Max’s. Here’s the start to a fine collection. 😆


Here’s also a cute American Apparel purchase to go with my navy velvet American Apparel bodycon mini dress with a low scoop back. It just reminds me of the 90’s and who doesn’t love the 90’s?! #HashtagProud90sBaby


Excuse the no makeup face but by far one of my fave purchases, ZARA’S CAMEL COAT. I’ve been looking for a lovely well-structured camel coat for ages and I believe I have found the one. In my opinion, I think that Zara does the best camel coats and this was practically the last one in store. Super happy with this number and it makes SUCH a good transitioning piece, especially when it gets a bit nippy in the British spring season.

That’s about it folks. I didn’t include everything I got/ bought and I in no way mean to brag in this post. The next post you’ll be getting from me is in the new year and let’s just say, I got a super exciting announcement to make so stay tuned! I hope you all have a fabulous new year.

Stay safe and take care,
Imogen xxx


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