Just Wang It: How to Style the Alexander Wang x H&M Collection

Just Wang It

H&M black pants
$32 – hm.com

Black skirt
$21 – newlook.com

Hello darlings!
Above is my Polvore post (check out more outfits I’ve compiled on my Polyvore account here) on how I’d style my two favourite pieces from the entire Alexander Wang x H&M collection. On Thursday, I didn’t manage to snag these pieces as the website had crashed for three hours before everything got sold out which was rather unfair considering I had completely no access to the site. I had a look on eBay to ludicrously find that the pieces I wanted were being sold for FOUR TIMES the price! My instant reaction was, “No thanks, I’m going to get da real Wang instead”, so in a few months do expect a post on my real Wang bits. Possibly Acne Studios too. Nonetheless, for those of you hot, lucky chickas who managed to get your hands on a few pieces, I’ve compiled a lil style inspiration for you guys. The bustier (top left) can indeed be worn under a mesh tee, but why not try some jet black high-waisted skinnes and some metallic pointed boots? If you need more covered up, opt for a black chunky knit cardigan, or a black fur jacket. The women’s Wang sweatshirt (pictured on the right) screams sports luxe to me. So what better way than to pair it with some black Nike’s and feminise it a little with a black skort? This is exactly how I’d style the pieces if I had them. How would you style them? Let me know!
Much love,
Imogen xx

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