Mini Apple, Strawberry and Blueberry Pies

Hello m’lovelies!

As promised, I am going to post more regularly about various things that interest me. These include music, beauty, fashion, cooking, DIYs, all things artsy, debateable topics and much more! Right now I am rolling all over the gaff, frantically praying the clothes I want from Alexander Wang & H&M’s collection doesn’t sell out too soon tomorrow. So I thought in the meantime, as I wait in anticipation, I will post an awesome recipe for y’all.

If you didn’t know already, I absolutely love cooking. I think I acquired my love for cooking from my father as he used to be a chef in London back in the day, making cool ass Italian club sandwiches and other delicacies (which is why I always get super excited when he makes a sandwich because I know this ain’t gon’ be no cheese and cucumber situation). However, my favourite speciality is baking. Deep inside I’m a tad bit “old” and traditional. I’m waiting for the day I can throw a lavish tea party with a floral bone china tea set and an array of sandwiches, finger food and of course, cakes and biscuits. A couple of days ago, I realised my mother had bought me Sainsbury’s dessert shortcrust pastry. She told me to do something with it and of course, I did by whipping up my very own recipe.

To make roughly six gorgie berry pies here’s what you’ll need!

– Ready made shortcrust pastry
– A handful of blueberries
– A handful of strawberries
– An apple (the type is your choice – I used a crispy green one)
– Four tablespoons of sugar
– Rolling pin
– Muffin/cupcake baking tray
– Fork
– Spoon


1) First, you are going to need to make the fruity filling for your pies. Simply wash your fruit, cut out the core of your apple and cut them into slices. Then bung all your fruit into a saucepan and put it over a low flame on your cooker. Sprinkle over four tablespoons of sugar on top and keep half a cup of water ready by your side in case you need to sustain the simmering process. Simmer for roughly 5 – 8 minutes. Add water if needed as you go along, bit by bit but I warn you – NEVER add too much water or you’re gonna have a hard time simmering your fruit!


2) Next, roll out the shortcrust pastry. The thickness is completely up to you, just don’t make it too thin or too thick. I went for roughly a 2cm thickness.


3) Cut a little portion of the rolled out pastry as seen as above. The left portion is for the pastry whilst the right portion is for the pastry strips and pastry leaf that goes on top.


4) Take some rolled out pastry and line your muffin well in your baking tin. Firmly press down and around the sides – not too hard or you’ll break it! Also press the edges that fold over and out on top.


5) Take a fork (or a utensil that curves like a spoon) to cut around the edges, leaving a 1cm crust.


6) Spoon in your fruit filling all the way to the top. If your fruit filling is too watery, mix in a little plain flour until it’s fully incorporated to absorb some moisture, otherwise you will get soggy pies which is a big no no! (Shout out to my baking buddy, Dom, for the tip)


7) Take the remaining portion of pastry to cut into little strips.


8) How you arrange your pastry strips is completely up to you. You can arrange them horizontally and vertically to create squares of diagonally both ways to create diamonds. Also, when laying your pastry strips, use your fingers to mould and blend the ends into into the crust.


9) With a little of the remaining pastry, use a fork to cut out a leaf shape.


10) Use the end of the fork to engrave the detailing on the pastry leaf.


11) After you’ve placed the pastry leaf on top of your pie, and used your fingers to blend it into the surrounding pastry strips, use the end of your fork once again to create pastry marks on the crust as seen above.


12) Make sure you leave enough space between your pies and simply pop them into your oven at Gas Mark 4 for 12-15 minutes. If it still hasn’t cooked by then, set your timer for three minutes after each time you go back to check on them. You’re aiming for a pastry that’s not moist, quite firm whilst still managing to crumble and it has to be slightly golden.


Et voilĂ ! Here you have it people! Moreish berry and apple mini pies that are perfect for any occasion. What I love about this recipe is that you can customise it to the season and your taste. Why not try apple and cinnamon filling for a winter warmer? Or how about a peach and grape filling for spring? It’s entirely up to you! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you try this recipe, have a recipe of your own or want to request something for me to write about, do let me know in the comments section!

Until next time,
Imogen x x


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