Alexander Wang x H&M

Hey y’all,

Long time no write. I know. I apologise. My life has been a lil hectic to say the least. To sum it up, a few drastic changes have taken place and I do not regret a thing – absolutely livin la vida loca I am! Anyway, I’m back and ready to bring top quality posts as of today. So do stay tuned as I have a few ideas up my sleeve *cough* Youtube *cough*. Anywho, without further ado, let’s get on with today’s post shall we?

Thursday 6th November 2014. Alexander Wang x H&M.

Best believe I almost peed myself when I received an email from H&M, inviting me to take a sneak peek at the new collection. Ever since the announcement of this new and exciting collection, I’ve been completely and utterly ecstatic. And now it’s finally here, I am literally over the moon. Alexander Wang is hands down one of my favourite fashion designers to date. It is undeniable that he has the skill to create pieces that enable simplistic and clean cut to meet urban and edgy. By collaborating with H&M, he has given worldwide accessibility to fashion through his eyes.

His range retails from £7.99 – £199.99 including an objects collection, womenswear and menswear. I’d say there are pieces that everyone can afford and I myself, have eyed up two pieces to get. The main material used in the collection is polyester, to give off the real scuba feel that has been trending this season. There’s also Wang’s notorious athletic vibe to this collection as some pieces are tailored towards sportswear (but to be honest, it can also be rocked as casual wear).

Overall, I am positive that this will be a successful collection. I sure will be one of many getting a few pieces so do look out for a future lookbook! Below are my faves from the women’s collection.


Until next time,

Imogen xx


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