Autumn. Brown, copper and gold-tone leaves falling. That’s probably the only thing that can pass as “pretty”. Cold temperatures, slippery, wet weather and grim grey skies. That sums up autumn every single year for me.

I enjoy my long hot summers, which indeed is my favourite season, and then face a grim autumn and winter. My mood seems to go dark and dim like the winter skies. I absolutely hate the autumn/winter season. I hate being cold. I hate being wet. And I certainly, hate grim sights.

Even though I am rather romantic,  I do not think that standing in the rain is an appropriate nor romantic place to kiss. Do I want pneumonia? No. I just hate having to search for a glimpse of the sun and see grey skies instead. I also hate having as much as four layers of clothing on and STILL being cold. I’d rather be too hot in the summer and switch the air conditioning on.

Basically to sum it all up, I want summer back. Let me know if you do too.

Love always,
Imogen x


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