Life of Pi

Hey guys,

Yes I’ve watched the film. Yes I loved it. But no I have not read the book – not YET. Two pages in and I’m already feeling pretty ecstatic. I can tell this will be a great novel.

The beauty of books and reading is that no matter where you are, what time it is or how you are feeling, you can always escape into another world in the eyes of someone else. There’s that priceless beauty of delving in between the lines and forming a series of images in your mind. It’s like a big adventure where in one book you’re travelling through grassy meadows and bright blue skies and then with the next book, you’re looking at life in the year 2070.

I find reading incredibly therapeutic. I mean what’s better than a cup of green tea and an amazing novel whilst you’re wrapped in a blanket near the fireplace on a freezing winter night.

Before picking up a book I tend to read the first paragraph to judge whether I like it or not. If I don’t, I’ll put it back down. If I do, I’ll either buy or borrow it. Some of my favourites include classics such as Pride and Prejudice and The Secret Garden.

The point is that reading is power and power is knowledge. Reading can be fun as long as it isn’t a chore. Don’t waste minutes sitting around doing nothing. Take a book and fly away.

Imogen x


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