The Most Beautiful Films

Hello everybody,

Apologies for neglecting this blog but I was stuck with THE nastiest virus and life took over me. School properly starts tomorrow and I can officially say that summer has left me hating humans in general and feeling more comfortable alone. People are mean and the ones you think are good for you turn out to be the worst. Life eh? Nonetheless, this post isn’t about disgraceful people. It’s about a recent discovery I made.

Now My Neighbour Totoro had been my favourite Japanese animation (probably because it was the only one I ever watched). Then on Film 4 (a movie channel in the UK) more Japanese animation films were showing. Immediately I fell in love. Howl’s Moving Castle and From Up On Poppy Hill are just some of the most beautiful Japanese animation movies I watched. I cannot fault them. The storyline, the artwork and detailing.. I simply cannot fault such magic and perfection. After researching each film, I only figured that these films came from one director – Hayao Miyazaki.

After researching him, I found out that he was retiring which left me a bit uneasy. Even though, I had only discovered his other films, I wished he could make more. There’s just something about his work that is so compelling and uplifting. It’s like I can rekindle with my younger years.

Thus I recommend you all to watch a movie or two or even more! You won’t regret it.

Imogen x


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