Birthday Antics

Apologies for not writing in so long but I had been occupied with tiresome, endless exams and of course my birthday. I have finally hit 16, which is one of the legal milestones. Even though I still feel too young and wish I was 18, I took my birthday as a positive step forward. I’ve been thinking endlessly
about the future which is becoming an important aspect of my life.

But enough of the emotional thinking,  time to get down to business. I have decided to do a birthday haul of my favourite items that I received.


As a vintage lover I received this beautifully carved trinket box which looks wooden but actually isn’t along with a vintage style necklace from Claire’s. The golden case contains a handy watch and the cream laced bow adds to the girly, chic flare.


This next gift is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. My mother bought me this stunning pearl trinket from Debenhams. As you can see, there is a blue bird encased with diamonds and adorned with further detailing. I really do have a soft spot for vintage ornamental trinkets like these.


The last favourite was these bad boys. It’s basically a grunge twist on the vintage lady jewellery trend. As a grunge fan, I think these would look brilliant in the summer to soften up a grunge look and make it more wearable during the summer. These are available at Claire’s.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. I should be blogging more often soon. Until then, take care 🙂


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