The Notebook

Everybody, well most people, has watched the notorious movie ‘The Notebook’ whilst shortlisting it as a complete classic. On the contrary, I hadn’t watched this movie until yesterday. I’m currently suffering with a two week long exam period. After the first week, I said to myself I’d relax before the next batch of studying and exams. That’s when I remembered all my friends telling me how could I have possibly not watched the one and only ‘The Notebook’. That’s also when I decided to watch it and let me tell you now, I have shortlisted this movie as not only a classic, but my favourite. I had never been left in awe and tears with a movie before. Sometimes I’d build up with emotion and feel like I was going to cry when watching touching movies but I wouldn’t.

What got to me was the separation followed with the reunion, the death of Allie and Noah and also the intense true love. The movie reminded me of how I wanted to live my life. Despite being a mere 15 (16 in 2 weeks and 3 days!) I always dream and think about my life: where I’d want to be in a few years time, what I want to accomplish in my life, etc. I always pictured myself living in a vintage white mansion by the river in the countryside with a painting room and that’s exactly what Allie and Noah had.

On the topic of love, I’ve always been a hopeless romantic wishing for Prince Charming to arrive sooner. But that gets difficult with the modern world nowadays. I feel as if I was born in the wrong generation half the time. I’m modern but more traditional kind of girl. It seems as if most of this current generation care for lust over love. Don’t get me wrong, I mean sex is important to me and all. I envision it at the unity of two lovers but I don’t want to give my virginity to the wrong guy, especially when I cannot tell if guys are the right one or not.

This movie portrays my kind of love. Eternal, blissful, irrevocable and inseperable. Noah is also an ideal man. He appreciates the essence of life with the little amount of money he has. It shows how money consumes us all. We don’t need money to be happy. A pair of  Topshop shorts would make me happy but I would feel a little more happier travelling the world to see the most beautiful things, whilst meeting new people. After all, it is the littlest things that count.

In conclusion to my little essay, I think the right one will come along one day. For you, for me, for all of us. It’s just a matter of time. And if you haven’t seen ‘The Notebook’ yet, please do. It is worth the one and a half hours of your time. Until the next post, take care.






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